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Hawaii Jewelry Maker, Artist and Metalsmith, Toni Cordas, grew up in Ohio and spent  in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and California, working as a USFS Wilderness Ranger, before moving to the Hawaiian Garden Island of Kauai to pursue her dreams.  Today, Toni owns and operates Hawaii Jewel, a custom, handcrafted jewelry design business offering unique, exquisite rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets formed from Gold, Silver and Tahitian Pearls.  



I was in Kauai in August and we met at the Weston. I bought your oval shaped dangling earrings with the Tahitian pearls. I love the earrings and as you predicted, I wear them more than another earrings in my collection. I was torn between the dangling ones and these earrings at the time. It has taken me this long to finally stop longing for them and take action to bring them into my jewelry box. I am excited for them to arrive!

Dr. Katherine — Saint Petersburg, Florida

spiral jewelry design ferm inspiration pictureKauai Jewelry Maker, Artisan and Metalsmith

Toni created Hawaii Jewel to offer contemporary, nature-inspired Hawaiian jewelry designs and collections. Each unique jewelry design is crafted using Toni’s metalsmith skills by shaping gold, silver & Tahitian Pearls into memorable heirloom jewelry from Hawaii.  Exquisitely handcrafted and signed by Toni, Hawaii Jewel jewelry arrives with Aloha, direct from Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Island paradise.


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Hawaii Jewel offers several unique, handcrafted  gold, silver and Tahitial Pearl Spiral jewelry designs in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.



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